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Israeli Arab Balad Party posts video of father of murderer of 3 civilians on Facebook

Father of terrorist murderer Baha Alyan: "We met today with MPs of the Balad Party: Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, and Basel Ghattas. The meeting was warm and productive. The Palestinian brothers, the MPs, listened to the pain and suffering of the relatives of the Martyrs whose bodies are being held [by Israel]. Their hearts were open, they listened to every word the Martyrs’ relatives said. They emphasized that they will make every effort to return the bodies by applying pressure on the [Israeli] government in parliament and by contacting the relevant political and security bodies of the Israeli government. It was agreed to continue meeting and to follow the matter in the near future." On Oct. 13, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, Baha Alyan (22) and Bilal Ghanem (23) boarded bus in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood with a gun and a knife and attacked passengers, killing Israelis Chaim Haviv (78), Alon Govberg (51), Richard Lakin (76) and wounding 3 Israelis. Alyan was shot and killed by an Israeli security guard at the scene and Ghanem, a Hamas terrorist who served time in Israeli prison in 2013-2014, was wounded.