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Israeli Arab MPs at “warm meeting” with relatives of ‎terrorists “will make every effort” to ‎have terrorists’ bodies returned

Father of terrorist Baha Alyan: “We met ‎today [Feb. 2, 2016] with Balad MPs: ‎Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, and Basel ‎Ghattas. The meeting was warm and ‎productive. The Palestinian brothers, the ‎MPs, listened to the pain and suffering of ‎the relatives of the Martyrs (Shahids) ‎whose bodies are being held [by Israel]. ‎Their hearts were open, they listened to ‎every word the relatives of the Martyrs ‎said. They emphasized that they will make ‎every effort for the return of the bodies by ‎applying pressure to the government in ‎parliament and by contacting the relevant ‎political and security bodies in the Israeli ‎government. It was agreed to continue ‎meeting and to monitor the matter in the ‎near future.”‎

Jerusalem line 78 bus terror attack - On ‎Oct. 13, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, ‎Baha Alyan (22) and Bilal Ghanem (23) ‎boarded Israeli bus no. 78 in Jerusalem's ‎Armon Hanatziv neighborhood with a gun ‎and a knife and attacked passengers, ‎killing Israelis Chaim Haviv (78) and Alon ‎Govberg (51), and wounding 4 Israelis. ‎Alyan was shot and killed by an Israeli ‎security guard at the scene and Ghanem, a ‎Hamas terrorist who served time in Israeli ‎prison in 2013-2014, was wounded. Two ‎weeks after the attack on Oct. 27, a 3rd ‎victim in the attack, Richard Lakin (76), ‎died from his wounds.‎