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Father of terrorist who murdered Israeli policewoman celebrates son's Martyrdom

Official PA TV newscaster: "Three young people died as Martyrs (Shahids) from the occupation's bullets; an Israeli soldier was killed in occupied Jerusalem...
Three young people died as Martyrs from the occupation's bullets at Damascus Gate in the center of occupied Jerusalem; At the same time, an Israeli soldier was killed and four additional [people] were injured by gunfire and an attempted stabbing. Our reporter said that the three Martyrs are from the town of Qabatiya, south of Jenin."
Official PA TV reporter: "In the stabbing and shooting operation at Damascus Gate carried out by 3 young people from the town of Qabatiya, which caused the death of one soldier and serious injury of another, the three who carried it out, whose names are Ahmad Abu Al-Rub, Ahmad Zakarneh, and Muhammad Kmeil, died as Martyrs from the occupation soldiers' shooting at them. [The occupation soldiers] turned the site into a military zone after the event, and shot in every direction."
Terrorist Muhammad Kmeil's father: "We received the news with joy, a Martyr, our Lord chose him from among the people to be a Martyr, Allah will pardon him, and we hope he will be among the people of Paradise, Allah willing. Praise Allah in any case."
Muhammad Abu Ju'ab, Fatah 'activist' in the Qabatiya area: "A cold blooded execution by the occupation. It is all a result of the occupation sitting on 'our chests' and a response by our young people - Qabatiya is familiar with sacrifice, we have 10 Martyrs in the town. Praise Allah, Master of the World, the whole town eulogizes them, in the name of all of Palestine, in the name of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and in the name of Jerusalem."
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Note: Ahmad Abu Al-Rub, Ahmad Zakarneh and Muhammand Kmeil - Three Palestinian terrorists in their early 20's who shot and stabbed two Israeli police officers at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Feb. 3, 2016. One of the officers, 19-year-old Hadar Cohen, was fatally wounded and died of her wounds. The second officer was seriously wounded. The terrorists, who attacked the policewomen after they were asked for identification, were carrying machine guns, knives, and pipe bombs, leading the police to suspect they were planning a mass attack against civilians. The terrorists were shot and killed at the scene by Israeli police.

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