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Israeli TV interviews Itamar Marcus - PMW report sparks political storm in Israel

Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “At the top of the news tonight, the storm surrounding the [Israeli] Arab MPs who met with families of terrorists from the current wave of terror. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Speaker of the Parliament Edelstein announced this evening that they will submit, in an unprecedented manner, personal complaints to the Ethics Committee against Hanin Zoabi, Basel Ghattas, and Jamal Zahalka...” Israeli TV Channel 2 parliament correspondent: “Many bodies in the political system are demanding a full investigation of the three Arab MPs who met with family members of the terrorists whose bodies have not yet been turned over for burial… Even before Netanyahu turned to them, the Parliament's Ethics Committee announced that it will examine the matter, following many applications from MPs from the Right and the Left...” Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “We return to the scandalous visit by the Joint [Arab] List's MPs with the terrorists' families... With us on this matter are two guests. Itamar Marcus, Director of the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) research institute.” Director of PMW, Itamar Marcus: “Good evening.” Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “And MP Itzik Shmuli, of the Zionist Camp.” MP Itzik Shmuli: “Hi, good evening.” Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “Itamar, we will begin with you. You exposed this documentation, it must be noted. Balad members tried to hide it.” Director of PMW, Itamar Marcus: “I do not know if they really tried to hide it. After all they posted it on their website. They revealed it to those close to them in Arabic, to people who are interested in what is happening with Balad. Perhaps that is what is serious: MPs wish to publicize to the Israeli Arab public that they met with terrorists' families to express solidarity with them. They are sending a message to Israeli citizens that they identify with murderers of Israelis. This is a serious thing that happened, that they actually publicized it, as I said, on their Facebook page.” Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “As someone who monitors their activities, monitors what is happening in the Arab media, are you surprised?” Director of PMW, Itamar Marcus: “We were not so surprised by the fact that they held the meeting. Unfortunately we also monitor Arab MPs and there are many grave things that they do. Very problematic statements, frequent identification with inappropriate things, terrorists, etc., so we were not completely surprised, but so close to the murder, the blood still damp...” Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “I would like to bring MP Shmuli into the conversation. One great achievement of the Joint [Arab] List this evening - they have succeeded in uniting the Left and Right in a rare manner.” MP Itzik Shmuli: “Yes, I think that even if you take into account all of the provocations of [Arab] Balad Party members in parliament until now, and as you know there are many, not on the Temple Mount, and not from the flotillas, this is a record, or perhaps a new type of low, which is most nauseating and despicable. At the height of the wave of terror that you are reporting on almost every evening, with murdered and wounded Israelis, these people, instead of visiting the wounded in the hospitals, pay condolence visits for murderers and terrorists who injure Israeli citizens.” Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “Itamar, does this documentation really connect in your eyes to the fact that we see more Israeli Arabs in this wave of terror?” Director of PMW, Itamar Marcus: “Yes, definitely, not only do the MPs not express their disagreement sufficiently, or at all, even expressing solidarity, the PA also praises and encourages the acts of –“ Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “Let's focus on the Israeli Arabs.” Director of PMW, Itamar Marcus: “Yes, definitely. We would expect MP leaders to say clearly 'While we have disagreements with the Israeli government, we have no disagreement over terror.' But we have not heard this.”

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