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Abbas meets with families of terrorists

Headline: "The president [Abbas] meets ‎with the families of the Jerusalem ‎Martyrs whose bodies are being held [by ‎Israel]…‎
‎"President Mahmoud Abbas received the ‎families of the Jerusalem Martyrs ‎‎(Shahids) whose bodies are being held ‎by the Israeli occupation at the ‎presidential headquarters in Ramallah ‎yesterday evening [Feb. 3, 2016].‎ The president said during the meeting ‎that the leadership is making every effort ‎to guarantee the release of the Martyrs' ‎bodies and to ease the families' tragedy. ‎He noted the families' right to bury their ‎Martyr sons, and opposed the impossible ‎conditions posed by the occupation in ‎order to prevent the handing over of ‎the bodies and their burial in a way ‎that honors the Martyrs."‎