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Abbas holds reception for Martyrs’ families in Hebron as recognition of their heroism, and reiterates his commitment to “take care of all of them”

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV News broadcast from a reception held by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for the Hebron district’s families of “Martyrs”

Official PA TV newsreader: “President Mahmoud Abbas received the families of the Hebron districts’ Martyrs (Shahids) at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah. The president emphasized that our people will continue to adhere to its land and homeland and will remain resolute until the realization of its national goals to establish its independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Secretary of Fatah’s Hebron branch Imad Kharwat after being asked by the newsreader about the importance of the meeting at a time when Hebron is subject to “systematic Israeli aggression and summary executions”: “This meeting was held according to President Mahmoud Abbas’ long standing request. He promised to come to Hebron in order to meet with the [families of] this district’s Martyrs, however we know the state of President Mahmoud Abbas’ affairs. Out of concern that a greater delay [would occur], he requested that the families of the heroic Martyrs be brought to him, to the presidential headquarters. Indeed, the meeting took place today [Feb. 6, 2016] in the presidential headquarters with President Mahmoud Abbas. The president spoke at length with the Martyrs’ families. No one was surprised by President Mahmoud Abbas’ standpoint, the honorable national standpoint regarding our heroic Martyrs which he always relates to their families. The president emphasized in the meeting the promise he always makes to the heroic Martyrs’ families regarding his commitment and the PA’s commitment to the Martyrs’ families to take care of all of them. Likewise, the Martyrs’ families were impressed by President Abbas’ standpoint of complete loyalty [to the families], who sacrificed the best of what they have in this world - their sons – for a liberated Palestine. They said to the president: ‘We are ready to sacrifice even more for the Palestinian dream and the dream of every Palestinian child in this homeland to establish the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, [and] the return of the refugees.
The meeting was very clearly positive. The standpoint of the president, [Fatah] Central Committee members who were present, [Commissioner for Mobilization and Organization] brother Mahmoud Al-Aloul, [Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee] Saeb Erekat, and [Secretary-General of the Presidential Office] Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim, and the branch secretaries was more than impressive. This shows the [sense of] belonging of the Palestinian people, and the rallying around the Palestinian leadership and President Mahmoud Abbas.”