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Fatah Facebook responds to Balad [Israeli Arab] Party attack on PM Netanyahu over criticizing Balad MPs visiting terrorists families

Posted text:
“The response of [Israeli parliament] members from the Balad Party in the Joint List to what [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu said in the government meeting today [Feb. 7, 2016]: Netanyahu is unable to deal with the demand to release the bodies
In responses to what was said, the Balad MPs said that after Netanyahu has understood that the meeting that was held for the purpose of releasing the bodies is not a legal or criminal offense, he is now trying to reap political gain for himself from all of this empty tumult, by submitting a bill that will harm the political representation of the Arab minority and the realm of political activity.
Netanyahu knows well that the purpose of the meeting was to release the bodies, but he continues to fabricate facts and incite by making false accusations against Balad members: The issue is the release of the bodies, and everything else is fabrications and lies.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu and many other Israeli MPs opposed the fact that the Israeli Arab MPs visited the relatives of terrorists, among them murderers, and participated in one minute of silence in their honor and referred to them as “Shahids” – Martyrs – the highest honor in Islam.

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