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Head of Israeli Arab parties Joint List: ‎Release of terrorists bodies is “a ‎supreme human value”‎

Text posted on Joint [Arab] List Facebook ‎page on Feb. 8, 2016‎:
‎     "The Joint [Arab] List condemned the ‎decision to suspend [Balad] legislators ‎‎[Jamal] Zahalka, [Hanin] Zoabi, and ‎‎[Basel] Ghattas and demanded the ‎release of the bodies [of the Martyrs]‎. In a response to the committee of ‎‎'parliamentary ethics' (i.e., Israeli ‎Parliament's Ethics Committee) to ‎suspend the legislators of the Joint List, ‎Jamal Zahalka, Hanin Zoabi, and Basel ‎Ghattas, from parliament sessions for a ‎number of months due to their attention ‎to the issue of the return of the bodies of ‎the young Jerusalemites being held by ‎Israel, the Joint List emphasized its ‎opposition to this arbitrary decision, ‎which harms the work of the legislators ‎and the rights of the voters.‎ The Joint List condemned the bloody ‎incitement campaign being run by Israeli ‎Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ‎who dragged the right and left of the ‎political arena to join the campaign of ‎incitement and distortion against the ‎Arab leadership, resulting in the ‎publication of the vindictive, arbitrary, ‎and racist decision by the parliamentary ‎Ethics Committee. The Joint List ‎members emphasized that despite the ‎unjust decision, they will continue to act ‎for the release of the bodies being held ‎for the last four months in the Israeli ‎occupation's refrigerators…‎ The Joint List noted that the suspended ‎legislators paid a political price for their ‎moral, human, national, and political ‎standpoint, and that the vindictive ‎punishment will not prevent us from ‎continuing our struggle against the racist ‎and fascist politics, and for equality and ‎true democracy, which Netanyahu is ‎trying with all his might to destroy and ‎turn into an absurd farce.‎ The Joint List emphasized during its ‎weekly meeting on Monday afternoon ‎‎[Feb. 8, 2016] that the meeting with the ‎families demanding the release of their ‎sons' bodies is a human, political, and ‎moral act. Likewise, it demanded that the ‎Israeli government return the bodies ‎immediately, in order to allow the families ‎to bury them…‎ Head of the Joint List legislator Ayman ‎Odeh stated: 'The visit was a human, ‎moral, and political act. The issue of the ‎bodies' return is a supreme human ‎value, but there are some who wish us to ‎be trained animals, and separate from ‎our Palestinian surroundings, and wish ‎to isolate us from our cause. We will ‎continue to emphasize our support for ‎the just struggle of the Palestinian ‎people against the occupation and for ‎the establishment of an independent ‎Palestinian state.'"‎