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PA officials raise funds to rebuild terrorists’ houses that were demolished by Israel

Headline: “As part of the National Day for the Jerusalem Martyrs – a campaign has been started to collect donations in the West Bank districts in order to rebuild the Jerusalem Martyrs’ homes”
      “The National Day for the Jerusalem Martyrs (Shahids) campaign was started yesterday [Feb. 9, 2016], with the placing of donation boxes in the West Bank districts, in order to rebuild the homes of the Martyrs whose homes were demolished by the occupation in occupied Jerusalem…
In Hebron, the families of the district’s Martyrs organized an activity… in solidarity with the Jerusalem district’s Martyrs, in order to collect donations for the reconstruction of the homes of the Martyrs’ families, which were demolished by the occupation. While participating in the activity, Hebron District Governor Kamel Hamid stated that this activity comes as part of the national campaign to collect donations for the rehabilitation of the homes of the Martyrs’ families in Jerusalem, in order to stand by their side, especially in this cold weather. Hamid called on the district’s residents and institutions to take part in this campaign and contribute to its success. He noted that this campaign is under national and humanitarian responsibility… Hebron Mayor Daoud Al-Zaatari, emphasized that the Hebron municipality supports this campaign, in order to contribute to its success and expand the assistance to the families of the Martyrs who carry out Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed to be Islamic) against the occupation.”

Israel carries out demolitions of terrorists' houses. According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Demolition orders are issued only against the residences of terrorists who commit the most serious offenses" and it is "an act of deterrence meant to discourage Palestinians from carrying out future terror attacks so as to minimize their number.” (MFA website)