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Al-Aquds and Birzeit University form "chain of readers" in terrorist’s honor

: “2,500 students participated in the ‘Glory of the Martyrs’ chain’”
     “Today, Saturday [Feb. 13, 2016], the students of Al-Quds University formed a human reading chain called ‘Glory of the Martyrs’ on the Abu Dis campus as a continuation of Martyr (Shahid) Baha Alyan’s (i.e., terrorist who murdered 3) idea to form ‘the longest reading chain around the walls of Jerusalem,’ which he did a number of years ago in Jerusalem.  More than 2,500 male and female students participated in the chain, and it included the reading of books and letter writing by the participants, all of this in the presence of the Martyr’s father, the lawyer Muhammad Alyan. At the end of the activity, which lasted two hours, the participants wrote letters that included sentences and excerpts to the souls of Martyr Baha Alyan and the other Martyrs and their relatives, along with their names, student numbers, and the book they read during the activity. Participants in the activity wore shirts with a picture of Martyr Baha Alyan.”
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Jerusalem line 78 bus terror attack - On Oct. 13, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, Baha Alyan (22) and Bilal Ghanem (23) boarded a bus in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood with a gun and a knife and attacked passengers, killing Israelis Haviv Haim (78) and Alon Govberg (51), and Richard Lakin (76), and wounding 3 Israelis. Alyan was shot and killed by an Israeli security guard at the scene and Ghanem, a Hamas terrorist who served time in Israeli prison in 2013-2014, was wounded.

Hebron University held a similar event in Baha Aliyan's name.

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