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“Masses” mourn child terrorists, whose families claim that they were executed by Israel that planted knives on their bodies as a pretext to kill them

Headline: "The masses of Jenin"
"Masses in the village of Al-Araqa west of Jenin participated last night [Feb. 14, 2016] in the funeral procession of the child Martyrs (Shahids) Fuad Marwan Khaled Waked (15) and Nihad Raed Muhammad Waked (14) who were executed in cold blood on their land yesterday morning… The Martyrs' relatives vehemently denied that they [the Martyrs] shot at occupation forces, and emphasized that the accusation is clearly prepared in advance by placing weapons next to them, like in the cases of the other child Martyrs that they (i.e., the Israelis) execute and place sharp instruments or weapons next to them."

Fuad Marwan Khaled Waked and Nihad Raed Muhammad Waked – 15-year old terrorists, relatives, who threw rocks at Israeli soldiers and then shot at them with an M-16 rifle near Jenin on Feb. 14, 2016. The soldiers shot and killed them.