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Palestinian political party protests PA arrest of teachers

Headline: "The People's Party condemned the arrest campaign among teachers and emphasized their democratic rights and their right to make demands"
"The Palestinian People's Party (i.e., a member of the PLO) condemned the arrest campaign carried out by the Palestinian Security Services among the teachers in the West Bank last night [Feb. 16, 2016] and in the early hours of the morning that included many activists from the teachers' protest movement. Likewise the party demanded their immediate release. The party stated in a press release published this afternoon that the fact that the security services are interfering with the protest movement of tens of thousands of teachers by arresting dozens of them, is on the one hand a dangerous sign of the context in which these forces are acting against the social protest movement, and on the other hand a blatant violation of the freedom of union activity , opinion, and expression. The party demanded the immediate cessation of all arrests and the release of the detainees, and to stop violating the freedom of union activity and any protest movement of teachers or any other factors.”

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