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Op-ed in official PA daily praises terror attacks and says that Israel employs “terror” against the Palestinians

Headline: "There is no escaping the Palestinian truth"
Op-ed by Yahya Rabah, columnist for the official PA daily, and member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza
"The Palestinian people, [whose population] has exceeded 12 million, expresses its living presence today under the banner of the unity of the cause and the people, and has succeeded in bringing about the outbreak of the escalating popular uprising that is in its fifth month, through new generations nourished in their uprising by the details of reality, as they were all born in the shadow of the occupation… this uprising faces a widespread campaign of deception and a growing campaign of lies today. The first lie that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu spread and led his government to believe is that the current events in the region give nothing to the Palestinians, and they have no choice but to remain silent, but the uprising still continues, proving that the Zionist-Israeli gamble is a futile gamble. For this reason, we see that the Zionist media and press describe the new Palestinian generations that are involved in this uprising as a lost generation, even though they constitute a daily nightmare for the Israeli state, and all the exaggerated means of terror and illegal means employed by Israel have not succeeded in quelling their living memories and extinguishing their renewed fire."