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Fatah official: “The peaceful popular uprising (i.e., terror wave) must be escalated”

Headline: "Jaradat: The popular uprising is escalating despite the occupation's crimes and terror"
"Secretary of Fatah's Jenin branch Jamal Jaradat emphasized the determination of the Palestinian masses to escalate the popular uprising despite the increased crimes of the Israeli occupation. Jaradat said today, Monday [Feb. 22, 2016] in an interview with Radio Mawtini: 'The Israeli racist policy of oppression is not new to our people,' when relating to the worsening of the occupation's crimes and summary executions being perpetrated against Palestinian civilians in the city of Qabatiya in [the] Jenin [district], and added that he is convinced that it is systematic and premeditated. Jaradat emphasized that the peaceful popular uprising must be escalated against the crimes and terror of the Israeli occupation and its settlers."