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Mother of terrorist doesn’t mourn his death, "as if accompanying a groom to his wedding"

Headline: “In video: Mother of Martyr Shawamreh is proud of her son and says: This is a normal thing!”
     “Without shedding a tear, as if accompanying a groom to his wedding, and speaking in great detail, as if discussing something ordinary with her neighbor – this is the mother of Martyr (Shahid, i.e., terrorist) Mansour Shawamreh who received her son’s body that has returned from the occupation’s freezing refrigerators.
You will see nothing but a calm peasant, full of innate determination and awareness that sacrifices must be made for freedom, during the reception [held for Shawamreh] next to the Ramallah hospital.”

Mansour Shawamreh and Omar Amr – 20-year-old Palestinian terrorists who shot at Israeli police next to the Jerusalem light rail stop by Damascus Gate. Shawamreh and Amr were shot and killed by the Israeli police.
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