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PLO official: Israel is employing “neo-Nazism” against the Palestinians

Headline: “Abu Yusuf: The American government’s role in the area has now become suspicious, and the Jerusalem Intifada must be supported until freedom is achieved”
“Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front and PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Wasel Abu Yusuf rejected the possibility that the latest meeting of President Mahmoud Abbas with [US Secretary of State John] Kerry in Amman will lead to positive results for the Palestinians… Abu Yusuf stated that our Palestinian people’s intifada has amazed the world and exposed the truth about the neo-Nazism being employed by the occupation, and also said that the continuation of the Palestinian people’s resolve will thwart pressures being applied to the Palestinian leadership. Likewise, he clarified that it is not reasonable for the US to have a new role, and emphasized that the main goal of the American administration is to bring the intifada to an end.”