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Fatah official responds to accusations of incitement: “Yes we incite, but not against Jews or Israel, but against Israel`s policies, its occupation and colonialism”

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: "We will not receive foreign delegations that do not truly convey our people's suffering"
"Representative of the Fatah Foreign Relations Commission Dr. Husam Zomlot stated… that the Palestinian leadership is being put under siege through new discourse and incitement against the leadership and the people simultaneously, [and it is being] claimed that what is happening lately (reference to wave of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis –Ed.) stems from incitement by the PA, PLO, and [other] factions. He added: 'I received an American delegation a few days ago that asked me about the fact that Israel accuses the PA of incitement. The delegation was surprised by my answer as I said to them: 'Yes we incite, but not against Jews or Israel, but against Israel's policies, its occupation and colonialism in the Palestinian territories, and that is our duty and responsibility, and I call on you to incite against the occupation [as well].'"