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Op-ed in official PA daily criticizes parents expressing joy over their sons’ Martyrdom

     “Two days ago, I watched an episode of the [official PA TV] program Giants of Endurance, which is dedicated to Palestinian prisoners, on the Palestinian TV [channel]. The episode featured the mother of the Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Shabat , the first prisoner of the Intifada from Ramallah. I particularly noticed the words of this great mother, who said that since her son was captured, she has stopped taking part in celebrations and attending weddings…
In answer to the question, she said: ‘My son is very precious. It is true that Palestine is precious, but my son is precious too. He is part of my heart and there is no way I can forget that.’ With these honest and courageous words, prisoner Shabat’s courageous mother returned to the true language, instead of the memorized slogans which reflect nothing of our reality, or those deceitful sights broadcast by a number of satellite channels and [spread] by several factions and associations in our reality , in which we often appear as though we were from another world - an unreal world in which we say things we do not mean and act unnaturally, hand out candies and receive the news of our sons’ capture or their death as Martyrs with an expression of superficial joy, proudly giving the impression that we are happy about what happened.
It hurts us when our sons are taken to the Israeli prisons, and we feel sorrow for every drop of blood that is spilled and for every period of time taken from the lives of our young. We are not against authentic human emotions, but the greatness of the cause we are fighting for makes us patiently endure the sacrifices we are making on the way to Palestine.”