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Sec-Gen of organization for Martyrs’ families: PA pays money to terrorists’ families to support them, not to motivate terror, and will not stop the payments

Headline: “The National Gathering of Palestine Families condemned the statements of an Israeli minister”
“The National Gathering of Palestine Families (i.e., literally The National Association of the Families of the Martyrs of Palestine) condemned the statements of Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett regarding Martyrs, according to which ‘Their families do not prevent them from carrying out operations (i.e., terror attacks) in order to obtain monthly salaries.'...
[Secretary-General of the organization, Muhammad] Sbeihat, emphasized that all the money in the world cannot compensate the mother of a Martyr, not even for one drop of blood that bled out of her son’s body, as our people values the human being, and loves life more than all peoples of the world. However, the Israeli occupation is what pushes our children to confront its military apparatus with bare chests, and what actually happens is that the occupation soldiers, under clear orders from their leadership, are killing our sons without [even] a minimal excuse. He added that what the PA is doing is an attempt to provide a dignified life to the miserable families of Martyrs, and it is a national duty to these families. Likewise, he emphasized that [Israeli Minister of Education Naftali] Bennett’s statements will not prevent the [PA] government from continuing to pay monthly allowances to these strong fighting families.”

Note: During a cabinet meeting on Feb. 21, 2016, Israeli Minster of Education Naftali Bennett’s said that Palestinians do not prevent their children from carrying out stabbing attacks because the families know that they will receive a grant and a monthly allowance from the PA.