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PLO official says Israel’s “cold-blooded murders” will only “escalate” the terror wave; opposes return to negotiations

Headline: “The American administration is covering for the crimes of the occupation”
“Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front and PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Wasel Abu Yusuf stressed that the American administration is covering for the crimes of the occupation, despite its failure to bring about peace in the region…
He added that the cold-blooded murders perpetrated by the occupation against the Palestinians will lead to nothing but the escalation of the Intifada (i.e., wave of Palestinian terror attacks 2015-2016), and will not break the determination of the young during the confrontations. Furthermore, these actions come as part of the all-out war to suppress the Jerusalem Intifada, after the total failure of the Israeli arrogance and its policy’s criminal, systematic guidelines.
Likewise, he emphasized the need to develop the popular Intifada, with everything it includes, and to act to end the rift [between Fatah and Hamas] and strengthen the national unity on the basis of a unified political work plan under the framework of the PLO, so that the latter will serve as the political and national caretaker of the popular Intifada… He also noted that the intifada will continue, escalate, and develop thanks to the efforts of the Palestinian people and everyone who supports it, and emphasized his opposition to returning to the course of negotiations with the occupation.”

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