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Palestinian workers are paid twice as much by Israel than by the PA or in the West Bank

Headline: “The rate of unemployment in Palestine is 25.9 percent”
“The [PA] Central Bureau of Statistics publicized yesterday [Feb. 25, 2016] that… the number of workers in the local market reached 846,000 in 2015, as the number of workers in the West Bank reached 570,000, and 276,000 in the Gaza Strip.… 11.7 percent of the workers work in Israel and the settlements. The number of workers from the West Bank [that work] in Israel and the settlements reached 112,300 in 2015… and the number of workers in Israeli settlements reached 22,400 in 2015. The average daily wage for employees was 103.9 shekels in 2015… the average [daily] wage for employees in the West Bank was 94.1 shekels, and 61.9 shekels in the Gaza strip, while the average for employees in Israel and the settlements was 198.9 shekels.”
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