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PA presidency objects to Iranian money for prisoners – all prisoners` funds required to go through the PLO

Headline: “The presidency: We know nothing about Iranian money that will be paid to prisoners or those whose homes were demolished by the occupation”
“Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina stated yesterday [Feb. 27, 2016]: ‘We do not know anything about Iranian money that will be paid to Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons or to those whose homes (i.e., homes of terrorists) were demolished by the occupation forces, and we were not informed about this matter.’
Abu Rudeina continued: ‘The Palestinian presidency objects to any attempt to bypass it in this matter. Likewise, it insists that the PLO is the legal representative and the Palestinian people’s main and sole address, and that the organization did not take long in providing assistance and alleviating our people’s suffering, despite its limited capabilities, and objects to trading in this suffering.”