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Fatah official: Iran plans to give money to families of terrorists, with Fatah’s approval

Headline: “The Palestinian President’s Office: Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki represents only himself” [in his statements about Fatah support for Iran’s aid to Martyrs’ families]
“Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki emphasized today, Saturday [Feb. 27, 2016], that his movement welcomes the financial aid that the Islamic Republic of Iran will provide to the families of Martyrs (Shahids) that have fallen in the Jerusalem Intifada (i.e., reference to wave of Palestinian terror attacks, which started in September/October 2015)
Zaki stated to the media: ‘They (Iran) [parentheses in source] notified us during our last visit to Tehran that they have undertaken to guarantee the families of the Martyrs of the Jerusalem Intifada and to rehabilitate the homes that Israel demolished.’ He noted that during the visit it was agreed that the mechanism for distributing the funds would be determined in the future.
He also said that afterwards, the Iranian leadership met with all of the Palestinian factions in Lebanon (the Democratic Front, the Popular Front, the Popular Front – General Command, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad) [parentheses in source], and noted that Fatah was not present at that meeting. He added: ‘We were surprised that the mechanism was determined together with the factions without our knowledge… We were not informed about the mechanism and we did not participate in the meeting in Beirut, in which the mechanism for distributing the funds to the [families of] the Martyrs was determined.”