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Hamas will wait until Gilad price is right

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Amin Dabir, political commentator:
Interviewer: "How will this matter influence… the Shalit deal and the speed with which it is carried out?"
Dabir: "Ultimately, it is clear that Israel will give in to the resistance. Ultimately, Israel will, owing to its internal political situation and what is currently going on in the region, give in to the resistance, sooner or later, and will be forced to pay the price. What reinforces this is Hamas's declaration that it will not release this prisoner [Shalit] without exacting a price, and even if in a year's time… it [Israel] will have to pay this price. And if it pays the price, this will be a new precedent, a new event, which will emphasize the possibility of subjugating this entity [Israel]."