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Palestinian author condemns mothers’ of Shahids celebrating their children’s death

Official PA TV program Culture Talks, hosting the author Khader Mehjez
Author Khader Mehjez: "Once I wrote a post that caused a commotion with everyone. Everyone was against me. I wrote: One of the ugliest sights I have seen is the picture of a woman whose son has died as a Martyr (Shahid) and she is crying out in joy. You can imagine how many people of the Palestinian public came out against me. The campaign [against me] continued for a few days, and then after a while I discovered that people were convinced by the explanations I gave. (They were convinced that he was right, that a woman rejoicing over son’s death is an “ugly sight” –Ed.) Many of those who condemned me [were convinced], and I think that in the end I won."

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