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PA-funded youth magazine: Israeli city of Umm Al-Fahm is in “occupied Palestine”

"The occupied city of Umm Al-Fahm"
“Umm Al-Fahm, or Umm Al-Nour as its residents call it, is an Arab city, all of whose residents are Muslim, and is located in the Triangle (i.e., a concentration of Israeli-Arab towns and villages in northern Israel) area, and more precisely in its north, in the north of the center of occupied Palestine. The Mamluks founded it in 1265 (sic., some archeological sites around the town date back as far as the Iron Age – 1200-600 BCE), and it was given to Israel in 1949 according to the truce (Hudna) with Jordan, or what is known as the Rhodes Agreement (sic., apparently referring to the Lausanne Conference of 1949, see below). Israeli forces entered it on May 22, 1949… The stereotype of Umm Al-Fahm held by the Jewish sector is that it is the most extremist Arab town, and this is because of its residents’ resolve, their preservation of the Palestinian nationalism, and their strong hatred of the Israeli occupation.”

The Lausanne Conference of 1949 was convened by the UN Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP) in Lausanne, Switzerland April 27 – Sept. 12, 1949. It was attended by representatives of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria and the Arab Higher Committee and refugee delegations, representing Arab refugees from Israel. Its purpose was to resolve disputes arising from the 1948 war between Israel and its neighboring Arab countries.

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