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Fatah spokesperson on meeting led by Abbas: "The Fatah Central Committee praised the… popular peaceful resistance" (i.e., terror wave)

Headline: “The [Fatah] Central Committee discussed the situation, emphasized its absolute support of the effort to end the rift [between Fatah and Hamas], and praised the French initiative – Fatah expresses its appreciation for the educational role of the teachers and calls on them to end the strike immediately”
“The Fatah Central Committee held a meeting last night [Feb. 29, 2016] led by President Mahmoud Abbas in the Presidential Headquarters in Ramallah…
Official Fatah spokesperson, Fatah Central Committee member, [and official Presidential Spokesperson] Nabil Abu Rudeina stated…'The Central Committee again praised the Palestinian people’s resolve on its land, its popular peaceful resistance, and its standing against the occupation and its daily crimes – summary executions, arrests, demolition of homes, taking over lands, and damaging the Islamic and Christian holy sites, and primarily the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.’ He noted that the Central Committee stands in admiration of our pure-hearted Martyrs (Shahids) and brave prisoners.”

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