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Prisoners in Israeli jails can register for university degrees

Headline: "[PLO] Commission of Prisoners: University registration for prisoners has begun at the Gilboa prison"
"Director of the education department in the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs Sayyaf Abu Saif yesterday [Feb. 29, 2016] announced the opening of registration for Al-Quds Open University, which will take place March 1 – 31, 2016. Abu Saif demanded that relatives of the prisoners in the Gilboa prison begin their children's registration, which will take place under the following conditions: A prisoner who is under arrest (i.e., who has not yet received a sentence) cannot register to this program, the prisoner must have a high school diploma recognized by the [PA] Ministry of Education and Higher education in Ramallah, with an average of 85 or higher, a prisoner whose [prison] sentence is more than three years is allowed to register for the program, except for students for the Al-Quds Open University who can join regardless of the length of their [prison] sentence, student prisoners registered at other universities who have completed 30 or more recognized [academic] hours can join the program, and they have priority, regardless of the length of their [prison] sentence, after their [data] has entered a calculation mechanism that takes their situation as prisoners into consideration. The only specializations that can be registered for are social work, the Arab language, Islamic education, and social sciences."