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PMW lecture to MPs is basis for debate in Swedish parliament challenging Swedish foreign aid to the PA

PMW lecture to MPs is basis
for debate in Swedish parliament
challenging Swedish foreign aid to the PA

Swedish Minister for International
Development Cooperation, Isabella Lövin
Swedish MP Mikael Oscarsson

The following are excerpts from a 25-minute debate citing many PMW examples:

MP Mikael Oscarsson: “Representatives of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority regularly celebrates terror attacks against Israel, and the PA names streets, squares, schools, and sports tournaments in the terrorists' honor. ..

This kind of incitement to violence is the main cause of the recent wave of terrorism in Israel, where many of the perpetrators are very young. Many terrorists also mentioned incitement to violence as the reason they committed the terrorist attacks….

Antisemitic statements and incitement to violence by Palestinian leaders are documented by Palestinian Media Watch. Unfortunately, there you can find new examples of such statements every day. A major obstacle to a future peace agreement is the constant rhetoric that depicts Jews and Israelis as inhuman and which deserves to be exterminated.

Since Sweden is one of the main countries giving aid to Palestine, we have a great influence, if we want to promote peace. Aid to Palestine should therefore be conditional on the Palestinian Authority stopping to disseminate antisemitic propaganda …

I have in front of me documentation from Fatah's official Facebook and Twitter accounts, where there is one picture after another where they honor knives, and a victory sign with a knife, and a knife in a Jew…"

Minister Isabella Lövin: "I am very concerned about us standing here in the Swedish Parliament and further adding fuel to the fire and polarizing this debate. We are importing this infected and blood-curdling rhetoric that we absolutely do not need to concern ourselves with when it comes to development aid policy."

MP Oscarsson: "I was a little surprised by the aid minister’s last comment here, where she says she is concerned about this debate. It would be misconduct for me as a parliamentarian not to bring this up when we give aid."
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