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Guest on PA TV accuses Israel of spreading drugs, poisoning sea water in Acre in order to expel Arabs from the city

Official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem on the Israeli Apartheid Week interviewed Att. Jihad Abu Ria from the Falestiniyyat Association, an organization established two years ago to fight “Israeli apartheid” and keep the memory of the “Nakba” - “the catastrophe,” a Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel– alive.

Attorney Jihad Abu Ria, activist in the Falestiniyyat Association: “The government of the first occupation continues stubbornly and consistently, does not cease its attempts to expel [the Arabs]. Every day they come up with a new idea. One day they flood the city [of Acre] with drugs, deliberately, to keep the young with their children away from the old city. Another day they chase the fisherman and poison the water in the sea. Another day they prevent the residents of the city from renovating their houses, although the water leaks into them.”
Official PA TV host: “Like in the Old City of Jerusalem.”
Att. Jihad Abu Ria: “And every day they come up with a new sophisticated [idea]. Therefore, although the people of Acre stand firm, they desperately need help and support.”