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Student group at Palestinian university hold vigil for terrorist "Martyr" and call his attack "heroic"

Headline: “A mourning vigil at An-Najah for the soul of Martyr Omar Al-Na’if”
“The Progressive Student Action front at An-Najah University organized a mourning vigil last Thursday [March 3, 2016] for the soul of Martyr (Shahid) commander Omar Al-Naif, who was a victim of the assassination at the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Hundreds of students and representatives of the student blocs gathered in the main plaza of the new campus. The vigil began with the national anthem and a minute of silence for the Martyr’s soul and the souls of the homeland’s Martyrs. The vigil included a speech by the secretary of the Progressive Student Action, in which he recounted the Martyr's illustrious deeds, his life of struggle, and his heroic operation (i.e., terror attack) which led to his capture by the occupation, and then to his escape from prison, where he had started his journey while hiding inside the homeland, shattering the Israeli security establishment’s intelligence aura and its arrogance. He then left the homeland for Bulgaria and settled there, until the hand of treason reached him and assassinated him.”

Omar Al-Naif – Palestinian terrorist who carried out an attack with two other terrorists, murdering Israeli Eliahu Amdi in the Old City of Jerusalem on Nov. 15, 1986. He was arrested and sentenced to life, but after beginning a hunger strike, he was transferred to a mental hospital from which he escaped in 1990. He escaped to an Arab country and in 1994 moved to Bulgaria. On Feb. 26, 2016 he was found dead on the grounds of the Palestinian embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he had taken shelter two months earlier. Bulgaria has stated that no signs of violence were found on his body. However Palestinians insist that he was assassinated by Israel.

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