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Hamas PM: Israelis will pay a price for kidnapped soldier

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Hamas TV news broadcast:
Ismail Haniyeh, Prime Minister (of Hamas, in Gaza): "We are now watching the exchange deal [between Israel and Hezbollah], and emphasize that for us, too, as the Palestinian people, there is no possibility of our foregoing our prisoners; there is no possibility of our foregoing these heroes. Just as today a respectable exchange took place with the resistance in Lebanon, so we too are determined to achieve a respectable exchange deal for our prisoners in the jails of the Israeli occupation. The Israelis have to pay a price, and they must know that they will pay a price."
Newsreader: "The Palestinian prisoners regard this deal with great optimism and hope, now that Hezbollah has managed to break the Zionist equation which has opposed, for years, the release [of prisoners] who killed Zionists. From the point of view of Hamas, this is a victory deal, favoring the resistance."