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Fatah celebrates murder of American tourist

Itamar Marcus  |
Fatah celebrates murder of American tourist
  • Fatah: Murderer of American tourist is “heroic Martyr”
  • PA TV News: American victim is “settler” 
Itamar Marcus
Fatah and the Palestinian Authority celebrated yesterday’s murder of Taylor Force, an American tourist who was visiting Israel with Vanderbilt University. Fatah’s official Facebook page posted a drawing of a knife held over the PA map of “Palestine” that includes all of Israel and the PA areas.
Text on arm: “The heroic Martyr (Shahid)”  
Text on map is name of Taylor Force’s murderer: “Bashar Masalha” 
[Official Fatah Facebook page, March 9, 2016]
Palestinian terrorist Masalha ran through the streets of Tel Aviv-Jaffa yesterday stabbing every civilian he passed, killing Force and injuring 11.
Official PA TV coined the American and other victims “settlers.” The PA often calls all Israeli cities - "occupied" - and all Israelis - “settlers” - a category of people they have claimed that international law gives them the right to murder. By calling the American a “settler” - even though he is not Israeli and was in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, official PA TV news is putting the blame on the victim.
PA TV likewise honored the killer calling him a “Shahid” - an Islamic Martyr:

Official PA TV reporter:  "A complex operation was carried out in Jaffa, or more precisely in the Jaffa port, by the Martyr (Shahid) - according to Hebrew sources and sources in Qalqilya - Bashar Masalha, 22...  in which 12 settlers were hurt, among them an American tourist who was killed, according to the Hebrew sources."
 [Official PA TV, March 8, 2016]
Fatah and the PA are headed by Mahmoud Abbas.
In another post Fatah honored all the terrorists who were killed yesterday while carrying out three separate attacks (see below), posting their pictures with the following text:
“Happy are the Martyrs (Shahids)
[Official Fatah Facebook page, March 9, 2016]
Yet another post by Fatah glorified the three terrorists as follows: 
“In the Martyrs’ (Shahids’) homeland and on the day the Martyrs are roses, flying to their Creator, to Allah’s mercy. O the pride of all of the young Palestinians, may your blood remain a source of true honor for the homeland for which you sacrificed all - even your precious lives. We promise you that your blood will continue to be a torch that illuminates our path, until we achieve what you died for as Martyrs. Your blood has taught us a lesson in the school of life: #The_homeland’s_honor_is_above_all”
[Official Fatah Facebook page, March 8, 2016]
Bashar Masalha - 22-year-old Palestinian terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack, murdering Taylor Force, an American tourist, and injuring 11, in Tel Aviv-Jaffa on March 8, 2016. Masalha was shot and killed by Israeli police.
Fuad Kassab Al-Tamimi - 25-year-old Palestinian terrorist who carried out a shooting attack, injuring 2 Israeli policemen, at the Damascus Gate in the old city of Jerusalem on March 8, 2016. Al-Tamimi was shot and killed by Israel policemen.

Abd Al-Rahman Raddad - 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack, injuring 1, in Petach Tikva on March 8, 2016. The victim pulled the knife out of his neck and killed Raddad with it.

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