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PA Ministry says Israel, not PA, guilty of incitement: Israel portrays Palestinians as “diabolical” and “murders, tortures, acts barbarically, and praises those who stand behind these acts”

Headline: "The battle being waged by [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu against the [Palestinian] media and workers is at the settlers' request"
"The [PA] Ministry of Information stated that the decision of the occupation government and its leader to ‘expedite the proceedings to pass a law to shut down Palestinian media channels due to incitement’ expresses bankruptcy and a boring repetition of a misleading, recycled, occupation message. The ministry emphasized that whoever draws a connection between our media and incitement and hatred is doing it himself [in his media]. This is because his government lays the foundations for incitement and hatred daily in the occupation's press and media, encourages cold-blooded murder, and describes our people, its struggle, and its symbols with all of the negative and diabolical descriptions, and even more: [It] murders, tortures, acts barbarically, and praises those who stand behind these acts. The ministry stated that the threat of shutting down our national media channels and passing a bill for this purpose is incitement, whose main goal is to appease the forces of extremism and terror in the Israeli street. He noted that this is a failed attempt to hide the occupation's terror from the eyes of the world, and called on the free world to condemn this incitement, which lays the foundations for terror."