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PA Ministry of Information denies Palestinian incitement, says Israeli media “praises murderers and glorifies the atrocities” and Israeli “curricula are the mother of all evil”

Headline: "In response to Yaalon's statements: ‘The [PA] Ministry of Information: The magical solution for Israel is the end of the occupation’"
           "The [PA] Ministry of Information said that the statements of the occupation’s army minister (i.e., Israeli Minister of Defense), Moshe Ya'alon, according to which there is no magical solution to end 'the attacks by young Palestinians,' in his words, are a continuation of Israel’s attempts to hide the obvious truth.
The ministry emphasized yesterday [March 10, 2016]: 'The magical solution and prescription for Israel – its army, settlers, and extremist movements - is to end the occupation, as it is the root of every act of terror and aggression.' Likewise, it emphasized that resistance to the occupation is a legitimate right guaranteed by international law, and that our people – which has chosen peace and follows a path of popular resistance in order to deal with the Israeli terror and [Israel’s] retreat from the obligations to which it is signed – yearns for freedom and longs for liberation from the occupation.
The ministry stated that Ya'alon's claims, that the reason for his state's crisis is the 'severe Palestinian incitement in the social media and [PA's] educational institutions that encourage terror,' are an additional lie promoted by the army minister…
The ministry reiterated that the Israeli media content and the occupation's educational curricula are the mother of all evil, as they are good at promoting murder, train children in the lower grades to use weapons, sow hatred and racism in their minds, and encourage barbarity and cold-blooded murder.
The Ministry of Information called on the world's media outlets for which truth is a guiding light to monitor the high level of incitement in the occupation's media that praises murderers and glorifies the atrocities carried out by extremists, while the fraudulent Israeli legal system allows and encourages terror, and protects anyone that engages in it or calls for it."

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