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Majority of Palestinians from Gaza Strip support stabbing attacks, West Bank against

Headline: "A surprising poll: The majority in the West Bank oppose the continuation of the intifada, and in the Gaza Strip – the opposite, the Gaza Strip is in favor of stabbings and the West Bank against"
"A poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center showed that 55.9 percent of the Palestinians support the continuation of the current intifada / uprising, as opposed to 41 percent who are against it. The majority of those in favor were from the Gaza Strip – 75.8 percent, and the majority of those opposing it were from the West Bank – 51.6 percent. A majority of 56.2 percent supported the continuation of the current stabbing operations (terror attacks – PMW Ed.), as opposed to 41.4 percent who were against them. The poll also showed a rise in support for the stabbing operations in the Gaza Strip, as a majority of 79.5 percent expressed support for them, as opposed to a majority of 53.9 percent in the West Bank who expressed opposition to them."