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PA TV calls PMW exposure of their broadcasts “incitement”

Official PA TV program Israeli Media in the Spotlight, rerun of interview with PMW Director Itamar Marcus on Israeli channel 20 about the Al- Aqsa Mosque

Official PA TV host: "During the preparation of the program Israeli Media in the Spotlight, we constantly monitor incitement on Israeli channels. Recently, we showed a video in which an Israeli broadcaster said about a Palestinian girl speaking on PA TV that she drinks bleach. We translated the interview in full, but Israeli channel 20 saw that as incitement and did not show the full interview, instead showing our response to the incitement without showing the section where the broadcaster makes the racist statement about the Palestinian girl, that she drinks bleach."

Afterwards, an interview of Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, by Gal Gabai on Israeli Channel 20 is shown:

Israeli TV Channel 20 host Gal Gabai: "Let's go on to the next section, which ironically is taken from broadcasts here at Channel 20 when you were a guest by Avri [Gilad], now it serves them as incitement.
PMW Director Itamar Marcus: "Certainly. I was interviewed on your [channel,] and they decided to broadcast the whole interview. They open by saying: ‘Look who Channel 20 has brought to incite,’ to incite against them. I am just bringing their words, quoting them, and the fact of publicizing what they say, they claim that is part of the [Israeli] incitement."

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