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Fatah official to British delegation: Keep pressuring Israel, or there will be violence

Headline: “Shaath calls on Sweden to fulfill a role in the French initiative”
“Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner of International Relations Nabil Shaath… stated: ‘Today, the international community’s wish to establish peace must be accompanied by aid to the Palestinian people and encouragement of the boycott of the occupation’s products, so that the resistance will be peaceful, and [constitute] an alternative to armed conflict.’ Shaath noted that the British Conservative Party’s delegation that visited Palestine two days ago [March 14, 2016] understands the Palestinian standpoint and the leadership’s concern to keep the popular resistance peaceful. Shaath added: ‘I asked the British delegation a question: Do you want to help us by pressuring the occupation government so that it will uphold the agreements it has signed… in order to establish peace based on an independent Palestinian state whose capital is in Jerusalem, alongside Israel, or [do you want] a return to armed conflict?’ He clarified that the delegation members’ responses were positive, especially after they visited occupied Jerusalem and saw the fence and the Israeli persecution of Palestinians at checkpoints.”

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