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Palestinian civilians in Nablus hold readers chain in honor of terrorist who killed 3

Headline: "Baha Alyan in Nablus"
     "On Thursday [March 17, 2016], a line of participants established a new stop along the ledge overlooking the Roman amphitheater in the Jamal Abd Al-Nasser Park in Nablus, in the chain of readers launched by Martyr (Shahid) Baha Alyan last year around the walls of Jerusalem.
Director of the Hira cultural program Malak Abu Aisheh said: 'This event was held as a complement to the chain of readers launched by Martyr Baha Alyan in Jerusalem and the chains of readers launched afterwards in a number of districts.' (So-called “human chains of readers” were held at the Hebron University, Birzeit University and Al-Quds University –Ed.)
She added that Martyr Baha has left his body, but his idea remains among the citizens, and this event is meant to encourage people to read...
An-Najah National University student Anwar Abdo, who volunteers in the Hamdi Mango Center (i.e., Nablus municipality cultural center), explained that the chain of readers is meant to appeal to a larger segment of society and not just to students, and therefore a public place was chosen that students, school children, and others could enjoy.
More than 70 citizens participated in the activity, including… the student Rayyan Qassem, who said that the main purpose for her participation in the activity was to complete what Martyr Baha Alyan began last year… It should be noted that the next chain of readers is meant to take place at the An-Najah National University in Nablus this Sunday."
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Jerusalem line 78 bus terror attack - On Oct. 13, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, Baha Alyan (22) and Bilal Ghanem (23) boarded a bus in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood with a gun and a knife and attacked passengers, killing Israelis Haviv Haim (78) and Alon Govberg (51), and Richard Lakin (76), and wounding 3 Israelis. Alyan was shot and killed by an Israeli security guard at the scene and Ghanem, a Hamas terrorist who served time in Israeli prison in 2013-2014, was wounded.

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