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PA university expels student for hugging his fiancée on campus

Headline: “Video: A hug at Kadoorie University in the West Bank leads to a student being expelled”
“The administration of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (a PA government university –Ed.) decided to expel one of its students from the university due to conduct contradicting campus regulations, but allowed him the right to appeal. The expulsion decision was made against a student who hugged his fiancé on campus after putting an engagement ring on her finger, and the disciplinary committee that met about his case saw this as ‘something that offends the public sensibilities.’ Dean of Student Affairs Jamal Bishara told the Dooz website: ‘According to university regulations – whether the student meant to or not – he violated the university’s regulations, and did something that offended public sensibilities and the university’s good name. Therefore, the natural inclination [in response] to this transgression is expulsion.’ Bishara added that the university administration believes that Palestinian society is a conservative society, and ‘since the student admitted that he made the mistake, the only option is expulsion, but the student has the right to appeal, and the university’s president has not yet approved the expulsion decision.’”