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PLO official: Israel established ISIS and Israel “kills, burns, and destroys daily”

Headline: “The Palestinian National Committee for Education, Culture, and Science honored Ghannam”
“Secretary-General of the [PLO] Palestinian National Committee for Education, Culture, and Sciences Murad Al-Sudani… visited Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor Dr. Laila Ghannam in the district governor’s headquarters, as a sign of appreciation of her ongoing efforts and her active role in the service of our people and our homeland… The secretary-general of the committee condemned the inciteful statements of [Israeli government spokesman Ofir] Gendelman against Dr. Ghannam and the description of her as an ISIS woman, by the one [Israel] that established it [ISIS]. He emphasized that Ghannam is an example for the fighting Palestinian woman who is close to the worries of her people and worthy of the appreciation and honor befitting her role, path, and life achievements. Likewise, he emphasized that the real ISIS women are the doings of this criminal occupation, which kills, burns, and destroys daily.”

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