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Fatah official: The US is “the number one enemy”; US works to divide Arab world and even created ISIS so Israel would rule the region

Official PA TV program Topic of the Day on the positions of US presidential candidates regarding Israel, hosting Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner for Diaspora Branches and PLO Central Council member Jamal Muhaisen and the journalist Akram Atallah 

Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner for Diaspora Branches and PLO Central Council member Jamal Muhaisen: “There is a debate between different statesmen around the question of whether America is leading Israel or Israel is leading the US. Aside from the organic connection between Israel and the US, and their shared interests, I have a personal opinion on the matter. It is customary to say that the Palestinian people is the only people on planet earth that is under occupation. I say that the American people is also under occupation. We [the Palestinians] are under Israeli occupation, and the American people is also under Jewish Zionist occupation. Today, when the candidates of the American parties are meeting with AIPAC, they do not turn to AIPAC as American citizens, they turn to AIPAC as representatives of the State of Israel…
I think that the Arab regimes understand that America is not innocent of involvement in everything that is happening in the Arab world. The reason is that the president’s (i.e., American Former President George W. Bush’s) advisor Bernard Lewis published a report in which he discusses the division of the Arab world into 57 states, and in her book, Hillary Clinton noted that they established ISIS, in other words the goal was to divide the Arab world. The Arab world was divided in the Sykes-Picot Agreement, exactly 100 years ago, as it is now 2016; in 1916 the Arab world was divided in the Sykes-Picot Agreement, and today it is being further divided. In the past, they divided it on order to assist the establishment of the State of Israel, and today they are dividing it so that Israel will rule the region…
I repeat, the number one enemy of the Palestinian people and of the Arab and Muslim nation is the US because it is the main supporter of the Israeli side.”

Sykes-Picot Agreement – A secret agreement between Britain and France negotiated by French diplomat François Georges-Picot and Briton Sir Mark Sykes and concluded in May 1916. The agreement had Russia’s approval and specified Britain’s and France’s proposed spheres of influence and control in the Middle East if the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I.
The plan was revealed in 1917 in the Russian press, and subsequently in the British press, angering the Arabs as it contradicted promises of independence made to them - on the condition they helped fight against and bring down the Ottoman Empire. The plan caused lasting distrust on the part of the Arabs in relation to Western countries.

Claims that Hillary Clinton stated that the US created ISIS are not true and are based on false quotes from her book. The US embassy in Lebanon posted this statement on Facebook and Twitter following the circulation of the false quotes: “Any suggestion that the United States ever considered recognizing ISIS as anything other than a terrorist organization, or had any role in its creation, is patently false. Allegations circulating in Lebanon to the contrary are fabricated.”