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Official PA daily implies Israel was behind ISIS terror attacks in Brussels and Paris to punish Europe for supporting the Palestinians

Headline: "The hidden terror rips out the heart of Europe!"
By Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Committee member and regular columnist for the official PA daily
     "The terrorist bombings in the capital of the European Union are not only a response to the arrest of the mastermind of the terrorist crimes in Paris, Salah Abdeslam, but also [happened] at the best moment for those targeting the real heart of Europe and who are hiding behind the name of ISIS.
We do not want to throw accusations, but why did the crimes and terrorist massacres of ISIS in France and Brussels coincide with the European Union's first attempt to free itself of the Israeli extortion and of the Jewish persecution in Europe complex, and [coincide with] European members of parliament's support of the Palestinian right [to statehood]?
Isn't France the one that came up with the idea of holding an international conference that would end the conflict and the Israeli occupation of the lands of the State of Palestine?! Isn't [France] the one that threatened to recognize the State of Palestine if Israel did not head towards peace with the Palestinians, which would guarantee their rights according to the decisions of the international institutions?
Isn't the European Union, its main headquarters - Brussels, not those who made the decision to mark the Jewish Israeli settlement products, something which affected the Israeli economy negatively?!
Have you heard of the European boycott against Israel, the effective activities of its activists and the extent of Israel's concern about its [the boycott's] escalation?
How can we not allow ourselves to consider this background as the motive of those affected (i.e., Israel) by the new Europe to strike at its heart (i.e., Brussels), even though the perpetrator is a barbaric ISIS criminal - terrorist, savage, and devoid of humanity?! The lesson learned from this crime does not only lie in its details, its means and its people, but also in its motives and instigating circumstances, and most important of all is the real hidden criminal.
We are talking about the motives of the heads of the project (i.e., the "Zionist project"), who carried out a historic crime against a whole people in order to achieve authority to act as a proxy of the colonial states and powers - those people will not hesitate to use the latest tools of terror under their own labels (i.e., ISIS), and thus hit three birds with one terrorist bombing - the Palestinians, the Arabs, and Europe... ISIS does not have all these abilities to attack whenever or however it wants, and there are those who have penetrated ISIS to the core because ISIS is their modern means to take revenge on Europe and rip out its heart."

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