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Jewish Chronicle reports on UK aid going to terrorists, cites PMW report

JC Reporter  |
Jewish Chronicle reports on UK aid going to terrorists, cites PMW report

By JC Reporter, March 28, 2016

Headline: 'UK government cash being paid to Palestinian terrorists'

Millions of pounds of British government money are being handed to convicted Palestinian terrorists.
The Department for International Development is expected to give up to £25.5 million this year to the Palestinian Authority, part of an aid package totalling over £70 million.
But according to an investigation by the Mail on Sunday, British money is passed on by the PA to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. The PLO uses it to pay salaries to terrorists in Israeli jails, and to their families.
Dfid denies that the cash goes to terrorists. The payments made by the PLO are “social welfare” for prisoners’ families, it said.
But the Mail on Sunday reported that British cash was provided to the PLO until last year and that the PA boasts of paying convicted terrorists in its own official statements.
A PA official defended the payments. Amr Nasser, adviser to the minister of social affairs, is quoted as saying: “These people are heroes. We could be giving them much more money and it would not be enough."
Reported to be among the recipients of British cash are Amjad and Hakim Awad, who killed Ehud and Ruth Fogel and their three children in 2011. It is estimated that Amjad may have been paid up to £16,000.
A report due to be published next week by Palestinian Media Watch claims that Hamas terrorists have been given over £100,000, while payments have been made to the relatives of suicide bombers and to teenagers involved in the current surge of violence that has engulfed