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Fatah praises teenage suicide bomber as “the bride of Palestine and the Fatah Movement”

Official Fatah Facebook page  |

Text and image posted on the official Fatah Facebook page on March 28, 2016

Posted text:
"14 years since the death as a Martyr (Shahida) of the bride of Palestine and the Fatah Movement
Daughter of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades - Fatah’s military wing
Daughter of Palestine and the Deheisheh refugee camp
The resolute fortress
March 29, 2002
March 29, 2016
Glory and eternity to our righteous Martyrs"

Text on image:  "Martyrdom-seeker (Istish'hadiya)
The Fatah member
Ayyat Al-Akhras"
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Ayyat Al-Akhras - The youngest female Palestinian suicide bomber (aged 17) and member of Fatah. Al-Akhras blew herself up near a Jerusalem supermarket on March 29, 2002, killing 2 and wounding 28. Israel transferred the terrorist's body to the PA on Feb. 2, 2014.

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