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Hamas: Israel’s freeing terrorists for soldiers is precedent

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Hamas Cleric, Friday Sermon:      "Israel entered its war in July 2006 [in Lebanon following the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers] with its head held high and declaring its sole objective - to bring back the two captured soldiers… Today, two years after the war, it has submitted to the dictates of the resistance (Hamas) [i.e. Israel released Palestinian terrorists from prison for the bodies of the two kidnapped soldiers].
[Israel] held the prisoner, Samir Kuntar, and prided itself in its media for many years that he was in [Israel's] hands, and that in any deal that would be finalized, Kuntar would not be included. But the day came when the Jewish state was forced, humiliated, to obey the dictates of the resistance(Hamas), and thus Samir Kuntar was freed. [note: Kuntar was in Israeli prison for bludgeoning 5 year old Eynat Haran to death with his rifle, for murdering her father and for murdering two policemen, and was responsible for the death of an infant, in a 1979 terror attack.]…
I want to tell the residents of Gaza that the next captives exchange deal will be stronger and more painful for the descendants of monkeys and pigs; it will be more painful for the descendants of monkeys and pigs! This they have declared – [Israeli MP Silvan] Shalom, a member of the Likud, said: 'The prisoners deal that has been signed with the Hezbollah [for the bodies of two soldiers] will cause us to pay a higher price for Gilad Shalit, who is alive!' And I say, and swear by Allah, that you [Israel] will pay dearly for this deal, and in the deals that will follow it, and in the deals that will follow that one, Allah willing."