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PA approves university curriculum teaching about the "issue of [Palestinian] prisoners" in Israeli jails

Headline: “The [PA] Council for Higher Education decides to approve a university curriculum that deals with prisoners”
“The [PA] Council for Higher Education decided to approve a curriculum in Palestinian universities that deals with the issue of prisoners, out of appreciation for the prisoners and to focus attention on their cause, which is at the [top of] the national priorities. This was during a periodic meeting of the council, which was held yesterday, headed by [PA] Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Saidam. The council emphasized the great interest in the prisoners’ cause … and noted that this curriculum will establish among the students [an awareness] of the justice of the prisoners’ cause and the suffering that they are experiencing… The council noted that three Palestinian universities are teaching this curriculum, and that in the future these programs will be evaluated, in preparation for their being taught in all the universities.”

Note: There are 6,000 Palestinians serving time in Israeli prisons (as of September 2015), some of whom murdered or planned the murders of Israeli civilians. All of these prisoners were imprisoned for security offenses and terror related crimes.

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