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Prisoner: Prison sentences meaningless due to exchange deals

Headline: “Sentenced to 35 life terms and an additional 150 years, prisoner Al-Sayid: ‘Life sentences of the occupation are meaningless as long as the resistance [Hamas] achieves successes’"
     “The prisoner Abbas Al-Sayid, a member of the Hamas political leadership and commander of the [Izz A-Din] Al-Qassam Brigades in the northern West Bank, congratulated the Lebanese resistance and head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, and praised its successes achieved in the recent exchange deal [i.e., bodies of two Israeli soldiers exchanged for terrorist murderer Samir Kuntar] ...
Al-Sayid, sentenced to 35 life terms and a further 150 years… stated that the life-sentences passed by the occupation state on our people's prisoners are meant to break their spirit… ‘However, the success of the resistance [Hamas and Hezbollah] in kidnapping of occupation soldiers and the carrying out of [prisoner] exchanges have made these [prison] sentences meaningless."

Note: Abbas Al-Sayid - serving 35 life sentences for planning two suicide bombings, one in 2002 at a Passover dinner, killing 30 Israelis, and another in 2001, killing 5 and wounding 100.