Abbas: I will never recognize Israel as a Jewish State
Official Palestinian Authority TV - July 27, 2016

Official PA TV aired an interview of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas originally broadcast on Sudanese TV during his visit to Sudan in July 2016
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: “It is possible to sit around the negotiation table after we ask them what the meaning of a Jewish state is. I will recognize the State of Israel, I recognize the State of Israel, and that is it. However a Jewish state is not my affair. I will not recognize it at all and I will not accept it. In the past, in 1993, in mutual recognition between the late [Yasser] Arafat and [the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak] Rabin, the one recognized the PLO and the other recognized the State of Israel, finished! When Israel made the peace agreement with Egypt it did not request of [Egypt] to recognize it as a Jewish state. When it made the Arava Agreement with Jordan (i.e., the Jordan peace agreement) it did not ask this of [Jordan]. Why is it asking us to recognize it as a Jewish state? Go to the [UN] General Assembly and change your name. If you wanted to change it, change your name. However, [if] you ask me, I will not accept and it is impossible that I will accept [the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state]. Let [Israel] continue to talk about a Jewish state and we will soundly reject it.”