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Religious War
Jews are evil and threatening
Religious War
"Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith. Long Live Fatah!”
[PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 9, 2012]
This statement was made by the moderator at a Fatah event, and it highlights a dangerous trend by the PA and Fatah to define the conflict with Israel as an uncompromising religious war, mandated by Islam.

Indeed, Palestinian society has undergone a major shift towards fundamental Islam. In 2010, more than 98% of Palestinians surveyed said that religion plays an important role in their lives, while less than 1% considered religion not important.” [Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies (RCHRS)]. 80% of Palestinians approved of hand amputations for theft, in a 2003 poll, while 50% thought this form of punishment should be implemented immediately, and 30% conditioned it on improved judicial conditions. [Bir Zeit Univ. Development Studies Program, Poll No.14, 2003]

An integral part of this Palestinian Islamization is the teaching that Islam is at war with Jews and Israel. Jews are said to be the enemy of Allah, and PA (Fatah) and Hamas religious and academic leaders alike have reiterated on numerous occasions, including as recently as January 2012 by the PA Mufti, the Islamic teaching that the Hour of Resurrection is dependent on the extermination of Jews:
PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein: “Palestine in its entirety is a revolution… continuing today, and until the End of Days. The reliable Hadith… says:
"The Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'”
[PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 9, 2012]

Thus, the murder of Jews becomes a prerequisite for and fulfillment of the Islamic ideal. In a 2011 poll, (by Israel Project) 73% of Palestinians said they “believe” the Islamic Hadith that preaches it is Islamic destiny to kill Jews wherever they are.

Similarly, the conflict with Israel is presented as a Ribat, an uncompromising Islamic obligation to defend or liberate Islamic holy land. Israel is said to exist on Islamic holy land that must be liberated for Allah.

One result of the PA Islamic teachings is the strong support for suicide terror in defense of Islam. The Washington-based PEW organization found that 68% of Palestinians “often” (31%) or “sometimes” (37%) justify suicide terror against civilians “to defend Islam.” This 68% of Palestinians justifying suicide terror to defend their religion is twice as much support as in any other Muslim country polled, with the nearest being Lebanon, where only 35% in total supported suicide terror in defense of Islam. [http://pewglobal.org]
Jews are evil and threatening
In order to generate the level of hatred that is a necessary precondition for the call to genocide against Jews, the PA maintains a campaign of demonization whereby Jews are presented as a threat to Islam, to Arabs, and to humanity. They are presented as a "cancer," a corrupt and evil people that seeks to rule the world, such that the war against Jews is perceived as a matter of self-defense.  
PA TV News: Sharon defiled Al-Aqsa when he walked on Temple Mount 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Jan. 11, 2014
Official PA TV News reported that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had died, and added:
     “He committed massacres against our people after 1948 (i.e., the Israeli War of Independence) and the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and he defiled the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the year 2000, setting off the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005) during which he committed numerous acts of slaughter, the most egregious being the massacre that took place in the Jenin refugee camp.”
Jews are "most evil among creations" and murdered "Allah's pious prophets"  
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, July 3, 2013
PA TV reporter: "Let's meet these girls who want to recite a short poem."
Girl 1: “I do not fear the rifle because your throngs are in delusion and ignorant herds.
Jerusalem is my land, Jerusalem is my honor
Jerusalem is my days and my wildest dreams.
Oh, you who murdered Allah’s pious prophets (i.e., Jews in Islamic tradition)
Oh, you who were brought up on spilling blood
You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship.
Oh Sons of Zion, oh most evil among creations
Oh barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs
Girl 2: Jerusalem is not your den
Jerusalem opposes your throngs
Jerusalem vomits from within it your impurity
Because Jerusalem, you impure ones, is pious, immaculate
And Jerusalem, you who are filth, is clean and pure.
I do not fear barbarity.
As long as my heart is my Quran and my city
As long as I have my arm and my stones
As long as I am free and do not barter my cause
I will not fear your throngs
I will not fear the rifle.”
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Girl recites poem: Jews are "Allah’s enemies, the sons of pigs" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Mar. 22, 2013
A young girl recites a poem filled with libels demonizing Jews on the weekly PA TV children's show The Best Home:
Girl: "Allah created me and formed me
He made me prouder and made me a Palestinian
He made defiance flow like blood in my veins
And I made the revolution burst forth like clay stones
I raised the flags of certain victory:
Allah's book [the Quran] and the tradition of the most esteemed among prophets [Muhammad].
I called in the voice of hidden justice
I lit a fire like volcanoes under their feet
I refused to be submissive and degraded
I rejected [everything] but dying with the honor that will give me life
From a nation that has forgotten the Muslims' heroism
- Omar ibn al-Khattab and Saladin - [Muslim fighters who conquered Jerusalem]
from between the whistles of the bullets I sing:
'Long live the nation of Fatah and Yasser Arafat'
Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs (i.e., Jews, in Islamic tradition)
Destroyed and uprooted the olive and fig trees
They murdered children with guns, like snakes
They cut off their limbs with stones and knives
They raped the women in the city squares
They defiled Allah's book [the Quran] in front of millions
Where is the nation of Islam?
Where are the nation of Islam and the Jihad fighters?
Where is the fear of Allah in Jerusalem, which has been defiled by the Zionists?"
PA TV host: "Bravo, applause, applause, applause to Hadeel."
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Ma'an News Agency: "Allah decreed humiliation and degradation" upon Jews 
Source: Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Nov. 18, 2012
Article by Sawsan Najib Abd Al-Halim, published by the independent and European funded Palestinian Ma'an News Agency (MNA): 
     "A brave warrior is proud when he confronts another [warrior] as brave as he... But since Jews are - as our grandparents said of them - sons of death (expression meaning 'a coward,' -Ed.), they are too cowardly to confront an enemy face to face...
Jews think that their fortresses will protect them from death, but any breach of these fortresses or protective walls instills panic and fear in their hearts... If a missile falls beyond their protective walls or if even a bullet passes over them, you can see how their hearts fill with horror - and this is because Allah has stricken fear in their hearts and decreed humiliation and degradation upon them until Judgment Day...
Historically, it is known that the lives of Jews have always been war and fighting. The only reason for this is that they have been outcasts in every corner of the earth, and not one nation in the world respects them, for they cause strife, and scheme everywhere they settle. [...] They have been dispersed in every direction, but Allah's curse upon them and his fury at them cause them to continue with their transgression and tyranny.
Psychologically, they have been defeated through the ages and feel inferior to the nations and societies in which they live, because of the hostility and evil rising in their hearts towards others and for their plots and schemes against the nations who know with certainty that the Jews are the root of conflict in the world, wherever they reside."
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Note: The day after PMW exposed this article, Ma'an News Agency removed the article from its website and posted a retraction. Click “full article” to view the article and Ma’an’s full retraction.
PA daily: Jews/Israelis are enemies of Allah who "kill, behave violently, spill blood, and desecrate sacred things" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 1, 2012
Regular columnist on religious affairs for the official PA daily, Sheikh Taleb Al-Silwadi:
     "One of the established facts is that the voice of falsehood does not rebel [against the truth] except where those who hold the truth [Muslims] forego their truth. Then there becomes room for falsehood, such that it can kill, behave violently, spill blood, and desecrate sacred things. That is what Allah's enemies, the children of Zion, are doing before the eyes and ears of the entire world."
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PA daily quotes Sheikh who calls Jews “murderers of the prophets” 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 18, 2011
Arson attacks against mosques by extremist Jews prompted the following response by Sheikh Al-Astal, demonizing all Jews as "murderers of the prophets" :
"Sheikh Yassin Al-Astal [Head of the Salafi Da’awa Council in Palestine] said that the series of [incidents of] setting fire to mosques and [copies of] the Quran is a crazed attack by deviants from the straight path and murderers of the prophets, who permit themselves blood, honor, and property which are forbidden [to them], and attack the houses of Allah."
Fatah official: Jews are “murderers of prophets,” so Jews are prone to murder 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Nov. 11, 2011
PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem, devoted to the 7th anniversary of Yasser Arafat's death. Interview with Secretary of Fatah branch in Jerusalem, Omar Shalabi. The host mentions the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin:
"If the Jews were murderers of prophets, why shouldn't they murder a Prime Minister who signed a peace agreement?!"
PA TV to kids: Jews would have killed Muhammad had they known the foretold prophet was an Arab and not a Jew 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Aug. 22, 2011
PA TV children’s program The Best Home shows in its Stories of the Prophets an episode with a story about Islam's prophet Muhammad:
[When Muhammad was 12 he went with his uncle, a merchant, to trade in Syria. A surprise awaited them along the way:]
Man: "This boy is the prophet foretold in the Torah and in the New Covenant."
Uncle: "Muhammad, son of my brother, is a prophet?"
Man: "Yes, I advise you to take him back. If the Jews find out that the prophet of this time is of the Arabs and not of them, they will kill him."
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PA daily: Judaism is a "distorted, corrupted, falsified religion" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 3, 2011
Sheikh Ishaq Feleifel teaches religion:
"The old-new despicable plot: The struggle between truth and falsehood is as ancient as life upon this earth... yet the mighty Islam, from the breaking of its dawn and the spreading of its light up until our time, has been targeted by its enemies, who do not agree on anything as they agree on cultivating evil against Islam and uprooting Muslims. The challenge still exists; moreover, the enemies have announced in a clear and provocative manner their despicable and terrible plot. Sixty-three years ago, the Israeli Prime Minister, Ben Gurion, stood at the UN after the entire world granted recognition to the malignant cancerous growth known as the State of Israel... The Prime Minister of this destructive cancerous growth stood up to declare the religion of the Jews in Palestine to the entire world. I hope that the [Islamic] nation will study this faith in order to know with certainty that the Jews talk, in conferences and in negotiations, only through their distorted, corrupted, falsified religion which they have adopted, which they glorify and honor, and they are lying when they deny the owner of the right the right... And the conflict between us and the Jews is not a conflict about land and borders, but rather a conflict about faith and existence."
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PA daily: "[The Jews'] evil nature is drawn from Adam's first son" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 13, 2011
Sheikh Ishaq Feleifel teaches religion: 
     "In this lesson I wanted to talk about Cain and Abel - that's the first story on earth, whose victim was Abel, at the hands of his brother Cain - because this story shows a similarity to the Jews and their crimes. The parallel is that when Allah mentioned the rebellion of the Children of Israel and their disobedience of Allah's commandment to wage war against the Giants, He mentioned the two sons of Adam and Cain's disobedience of Allah's words, and his unjust killing of an innocent soul, which Allah forbade. The Jews, by throwing off their yoke, followed in the footsteps of the first person on earth who threw off the yoke of Allah. Their [the Jews'] evil nature is drawn from Adam's first son... I chose this story because of the similarity it contains: here the Zionist Jews kill many of the Palestinian people every day... and they imprison their [Palestinian] youth who are defending their right and seeking by all means to restore the land to themselves. This is our right, and no one is permitted to prevent us from attaining it. We are destined to restore our homeland to ourselves, Allah willing, and we shall raise our flag over Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and the rest of Palestine, Allah willing."
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Essay in youth magazine describes Israelis as "Allah's enemies" 
Source: Zayzafuna magazine, Apr. 1, 2011
     “With its green color [on the flag] my country will be a sister to Tunisia, and with its white – a sister to Lebanon and Syria… and with its red color a sister to Algeria, the ‘land of a million Martyrs’. And the black [color], which was our point of weakness, will be for you, oh enemies of Allah [Israelis/Jews], the color which will never leave you, by day or by night, and even in your dreams. That is a promise from a Palestinian girl – beware, just wait for me.”

Note: Zayzafuna is a PLO magazine for children funded by the PA. The magazine, which includes material written by both the magazine’s staff and child readers, represents the values of the educators and serves as a window into the minds of the Palestinian children submitting material to the magazine. PMW’s book Deception includes a chapter on Zayzafuna. Following PMW’s exposure of Hitler glorification in the February 2011 issue, UNESCO halted its funding of the magazine. View UNESCO’s statement and PMW's bulletin on the December 2011 issue of the magazine.
Palestinian actor in PA TV interview: Quran says Jews worry over money 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Feb. 27, 2011
Abd Al-Rahman Abu Al-Qasem, Palestinian actor living in Syria: 
     “Thirty or forty years ago, we presented the Jew in the theater as someone with a bent nose who lends [money] with interest and who understands nothing except money matters, and is cowardly, ugly, interested only in collecting money and controlling the people around him. However, this is not accurate or correct: The Jew doesn't have a bent nose, and isn't cowardly, and is not interested only in accumulating money. Of course, he is interested in accumulating money - the Jews throughout history, and in the religions, and the Quran tells us about the Jews and their worry over money. …This enemy is not an easy enemy, and if we want to defeat this difficult enemy, we have to be united so that we can strengthen our abilities to liberate the entire stolen Palestinian homeland.”
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Note: This video originally aired on Jan. 23, 2011. It was rebroadcast on Feb. 27, 2011.
Zaki: "Isolate Israel as a punishment for its crimes against man, stone, and tree" 
Source: Palvoice website (Fatah), Dec. 15, 2010
Headline: “Abbas Zaki: Internal compromise means victory for everyone. Fatah and Hamas must meet halfway.”
     "Abbas Zaki, member of the Fatah Central Committee and General Commissioner for Arab Relations, called for an Islamic summit conference to be held immediately for the city of Jerusalem… He emphasized that the summit would need to establish the stance of the Islamic states towards Jerusalem, ‘since it is not only ours, but [belongs to] all Muslims, and is in grave danger.’
Zaki said, in announcements to the press, that ‘the struggle and the Jihad for the liberation of Jerusalem are not the job of the Palestinians alone; it is the job of all Muslims and all believers and all who are loyal and who bear the faith, and Jihad on [Jerusalem’s] behalf is a personal religious commandment (i.e. incumbent on every individual) [fard ayn] and not [merely] a communal religious commandment, especially in the shadow of the threat to the holy city and its inhabitants, coming from the occupiers who are acting to change its Arabic and Islamic landmarks…’ He noted that the excavation activities which Israel is carrying out beneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque threaten the collapse of the Marwani prayer complex [Solomon’s Stables]… In addition, they may cause a larger collapse of the structures adjacent to Al-Aqsa, in addition to the building of a new synagogue… with the purpose of concealing the usual sight of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa...
Zaki also demanded action on the broadest possible scale on all continents in order to isolate Israel as a punishment for its crimes against man, stone and tree, and for being a wayward state which is above the law, and to expose its strategic alliance with the US…
[In conclusion, Zaki] demanded of the Arab League to emphasize the boycott of Israel.”
PA daily: Jews crucified Jesus and "Palestine," and "caused blood to flow from its body" 
Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 17, 2010
     “In the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish we often encounter a symbol … of the cross. This is because the Arab poet, who lived on occupied land [Note: he was an Israeli citizen and lived in Israel], felt that he himself, his people, and his land were crucified. The cross is a symbol that is closely connected with ancient Palestine. The Jews prepared a cross upon this land two thousand years ago, to kill Jesus, who represents the return to justice. What has happened to Palestine in modern times is similar, to a great extent, to the story of the Cross: Palestine has been torn in the hands of the Zionists, and the Jews have crucified it and caused blood to flow from its body.”
Mufti of PA: The Jews are enemies of Allah, threaten Al-Aqsa Mosque 
Source: al-msjd-alaqsa.com (Al-Aqsa Mosque forum), June 25, 2010
Mufti of Palestinian Authority, Muhammad Hussein: 
     "The Al-Aqsa Mosque is threatened by the plans of the enemies of Allah (the Jews), who have violated all faith and religious laws and even deviated from their humanity." Click here to view
PA TV sermon: The Jews are the enemy of Allah, the Prophet says "kill the Jews" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Jan. 29, 2010
A sermon calling for the genocide of Jews broadcast by PA TV, which is under the control of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas:
   "Oh Muslims! The Jews are the Jews. The Jews are the Jews. Even if donkeys would cease to bray, dogs cease to bark, wolves cease to howl and snakes to bite, the Jews would not cease to harbor hatred towards Muslims. The Prophet said that if two Jews would be alone with a Muslim, they would think only of killing him. Oh Muslims! This land will be liberated, these holy places and these mosques will be liberated, only by means of a return to the Quran and when all Muslims will be willing to be Jihad Fighters for the sake of Allah and for the sake of supporting Palestine, the Palestinian people, the Palestinian land, and the holy places in Palestine. The Prophet says: 'You shall fight the Jews and kill them..." Click here to view
PA religious leader: Quran says Jews "lack understanding" and "violate agreements" 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, June 9, 2009
Dr. Tayseer Al-Tamimi, PA Chief Justice of Religious Court, and Chairman of Supreme Council of Islamic Law:
     "Concerning the Jews, the Holy Quran says that they lack understanding, are void of wisdom, know nothing, violate agreements, etc. However, the Jews were known - it was known about them throughout history - that they make false claims, lies, forgery, slander, and fabrications, in order to justify their aggression, land theft, defilement of holy sites, appropriation of land, destruction of homes, murder of children, women, and the elderly." Click here to view
Jews are cancer that wants to rule the world 
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Apr. 3, 2009
Ziad Abu Alhaj, PA cleric:
     "The Jews today are leading the all-encompassing war against Muslims... We, the Muslims, know the nature of Jews the best, because the Holy Quran taught us... it is a cancer that wants to rule the world... Perhaps their famous book, which they deny [its authenticity] - known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but we call it, "The Protocols of the imbeciles of Zion" - in this book, my brothers, the Jews set down their plan to besiege the entire world… The time will come, by Allah’s will, when their property will be destroyed and their children will be exterminated, and no Jew or Zionist will be left on the face of this earth."
Hamas cleric: Jews of Israel are the "center of global corruption" with "octopus tentacles" around the world 
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), July 13, 2008
Hamas cleric:
     "The Meccan [Quran] chapter entitled 'Jews' or 'Children of Israel' is remarkable... It's about today's Jews, those of our century, and speaks only of extermination and digging graves... This chapter sentences the Jews to extermination before a single Jew existed on earth... Palestine's blessing is linked to destruction of the center of global corruption [Jews of Israel], the snake's head. When the snake's head of [global] corruption is cut off, here in Palestine, and when the octopus' [Jew's] tentacles are cut off around the world, the real blessing will come with the destruction of the Jews, here in Palestine, and it is one of the splendid real blessings in Palestine."
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PA cleric: Jews destroy everything and are universally hated 
Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, May 13, 2005
Ibrahim Mudayris, official, PA Ministry of Religious Trusts and Religious Affairs:
     "The Jews are a virus similar to AIDS, from which the entire world is suffering. You’ll find Jews behind every conflict on Earth. The suffering of nations—the Jews are behind it! Ask Britain what it did to the Jews! They persecuted them, tortured them! Ask France! They tortured them, persecuted them and burned their Talmud, for the conflicts that they tried to ignite in France. Ask Portugal… Ask Czarist Russia—who invited the Jews who then plotted to murder the Czar! And he massacred them repeatedly. Don’t ask Germany what it did to the Jews, since the Jews are the ones who provoked Nazism to fight the entire world."
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